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The [color=#3333ff][b]organization[/b][/color] and composition of Indian society and its Caste System has ever been a great puzzle for many western scholars. When Swami Vivekananda visited the West more than hundred years ago, most of the questions he confronted were about Indian Caste System. Very often he was suggested that it was superficial and frivolous and a big impediment in human progress. The system, therefore, should be abolished. On every such occasion Swami Ji is prompt retort was; "Gentlemen no subject will be left over for your scholars to write on if the Caste System was abolished in India" As a matter of fact it was the caste system alone, which sustained and protected the Indian society from being disintegrated to shambles, against foreign onslaughts with such a magnitude that no other country in the world ever faced. learn more..

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